Can I claim back the cost of my repair from my insurance company?

Yes, your building insurance covers most business and household repairs. Express Glaze is insurance-approved, and we will await all insurance claims for 30 days.

Can you do my job when I need it done?

Without a doubt! Pick a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends, and we will accommodate your preferences. We also have a 1-hour emergency service at no extra cost.

How much will the job cost?

We maintain a policy of transparency with our estimates and quotes. The price we quote will be exactly what you pay, with no added charges for callouts or hidden fees of any kind.

How can I pay for the work when it’s done?

We accept all major credit cards, BACS and PayPal payments.

Are you expensive?

We strive to offer always-competitive prices on our products and services. As a value-focused company, our goal is always to ensure that your investment sees lasting returns.

Do I get a discount on regular orders?

Yes, depending on the volume of the orders you place. To make things easier for our business clients, we offer complete maintenance packages to suit the scale of your project. Upon your first order, an account will be opened up in your name with Express Glaze.

What time will my fitter arrive?

We always confirm the arrival time of the fitter with the customer individually, allowing 15 additional minutes for unavoidable traffic delays.

I need advice before I book a job with you, will you charge me?

No. As not all jobs are urgent, you may need to plan and solicit professional advice. Our expert advisers are here to help you understand the different types of repairs, installations, costs, and timelines.