UK-wide Glazing Services for Commercial Shop Fronts

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We know that the front of your shop is the most important way to entice new customers inside. We only install the highest quality commercial glazing whether we are installing new commercial shop fronts, or performing shop front repairs.

Shop Front Repairs and Other Services

The first thing passers-by are likely to take note of your business is undoubtedly its shop front. When equipped with high-quality glazing solutions, your potential customers will be welcomed in, while bandits and vandals will be discouraged from attempting unlawful entry after hours. Express Glaze offers a comprehensive range of commercial shop fronts for shop owners to maximise the display of their wares along with the thermal efficiency and security of their premises.

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Armour-plated Glass

Your shop front is vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. Protect against these threats and more with impact-resistant armour-plated glass!

Laminated Glass

Laminated layers of glass offer superior protection against impact and thermal loss. This is one of the most popular security options among the UK’s shop owners.

Glass Repairs

Your glass does more than let natural light and the gaze of curios customers in, it keeps intruders and weather elements out. When your glazing has been damaged, call Express Glaze for expert shop front repairs.

Armour-plated Doors

Preventing entry to your shop front by means of your front door is critical to protecting your assets. Armour-plated doors offer up an enhanced level of durability vs forceful entry.

Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazing offers benefits to both security and thermal efficiency. When they need a repair, call on Express Glaze to get the job done with aplomb.

Boarding Up

There are many reasons you may wish to board up your shop front, ranging from protection from inclement weather to preventing unwanted access and interest whilst undergoing renovations. In any case, we’re here to help you accomplish your goals.


We offer bespoke mirror crafting services for businesses. Whatever your needs and parameters, we’ve got the experience and equipment to handle the job with confidence.

Remove & Refit Glazing

Let’s face it: removing and refitting the glazing of your shop front is not a task for DIY. Let our professional team remove the hassle and leave behind a professionally finished glazing solution!

Single Glazing

Single panes of glass are not the market leaders in thermal efficiency or durability, but they offer great value for money.

Double Glazing

Enhance the ability of your windows and doors to trap conditioned air inside and keep draughty weather out with our complete range of double glazing options.

Window Frame Repairs

Our commercial shop glazing services include window frame repairs. After all, the efficiency of your glass is only as good as the framing containing it.

French Windows

Looking for a touch of elegance in your building? French windows allow for ample daylight to flood into a room, creating an expansive air of luxury and comfort.

Casement Windows

Looking for an option to let in more fresh air and natural sunlight into your living or workspace? Consider our easy-open, side-mounted casement windows!

Replacement Windows

A missing or broken window can have a seriously detrimental impact on your ability to conduct your daily affairs. Restore the integrity of your shop front’s windows with our commercial window replacement services.

Shop Fronts

Your shop front is not only the face of your business, but also its first line of defence. Ensure you install the right windows and doors for your needs with our expert advice!

Glass Doors

Engineered for durability in heavy-usage applications, our storefront glass doors are the perfect portals to your business. Increase the visibility of your wares to customers while keeping them safe from bandits and thieves.

Tinted Glass

Looking for an inexpensive solution to high energy bills on cooling? Our tinted glass solutions offer energy savings of up to 30%, and effectively block UV rays as well.

Boarding Up

When your shop front needs to undergo repairs or renovations, you’ll need to board it up securely. While you may be tempted to DIY, having professionals perform this task will assure you that the job is done up to spec, protecting the vulnerable interior of your business.

Aluminium Windows

Looking for an affordable, thermally efficient alternative to wood and uPVC window frames? Aluminium windows are built for performance in commercial settings, and make an attractive choice for value-conscious business owners.

Window Repairs

Has your glazing succumbed to damage from storms, vandalism, age or more? Get in touch with Express Glaze to get access to expedient and affordable commercial glazing repair services.

Georgian Wired Glass

This highly durable option has been reinforced with a thin metal wire mesh. It offers increased resistance against impact and prolonged exposure to fire.

Velux Windows

Velux offers a variety of window types specially designed to fit into your roof. These are all rated for maximum thermal efficiency and permission of natural light.

Glass Replacement

We offer comprehensive glass replacement services for businesses. From windows to doors to tables and more, we have the equipment and experience necessary to deliver the replacement products you need in short order.