Commercial Shop Doors Installed Across the UK

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Commercial shop doors are the gateway to your organisation. Our selection of glazed door replacements and security options will ensure you have peace of mind whether you are open or closed.

Commercial Doors Services

Few parts of your building serve so many functions as your doors, which must keep harsh weather elements and intruders alike out while being inviting enough to welcome your customers and guests. Of course, since doors must open and close, it’s especially important for them to be designed for thermal efficiency to minimise your heating costs. Our range of commercial shop doors at Express Glaze fulfils these requirements with aplomb, and at an affordable price point to boot. Whether it’s a full glazed door replacement or a simple repair, you can count on our UK-wide service.

Commercial Revolving doors

Fire Rated Doors

Following the extinguishment of a fire on your property, you may find that the only thing that stopped a wider spread of the flame were your fire rated doors. You’ll want to then call us out for an emergency door repair, so as to ensure that your property retains its flame-retardant door configuration.

Armour-plated(AP) Doors

Even armour-plated doors can take enough damage to become non-functional. If this is your situation, call our emergency door repair specialists out to your property immediately.

Glass Doors

While modern glass doors are engineered for durability, they may still shatter from enough force. Don’t allow your property to remain exposed to risk from harsh weather or intruders, get in touch with Express Glaze for fast emergency repairs.

Burglary Repairs

When someone attempts to gain entry to your home by force, they often do damage to your premises in the process. Express Glaze will help you restore this damage and even reinforce your doors against further attacks.


Discovering that your keys have gone missing following a burglary can leave you feeling incredibly vulnerable to a repeat of the incident. You can rely on our emergency locksmith services to rekey or repair your locks to ensure that your risk of further harm is minimised.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is stronger than normal glass, and shatters in a non-hazardous manner. When it does, however, it leaves you and your property vulnerable until you call out your local emergency glaziers.

Security Doors

It takes a lot to compromise the integrity of a security door, but should such an event occur, you’ll want to get the damage mended fast. Express Glaze has the tools and experience needed to repair or replace your broken security door within an hour of your call.

Steel Doors

Steel doors provide superior durability to traditional wooden doors, and require less maintenance to boot. If you’re looking for an option that resists impact and weather with ease, try our steel doors.

Industrial Doors

Industrial doors generally play crucial roles in the businesses they serve, and when they become compromised they present a tremendous risk to the assets of that business. Express Glaze is dedicated to protecting your property with fast emergency door repair services.

Up & Over Doors

Nothing is as frustrating as a garage door that won’t open, especially when you’re actively attempting to travel somewhere. In such cases, you can rely on Express Glaze to open your garage and repair its mechanism to work as new once again.

Aluminium Doors

While aluminium is known for its durability, it can still become damaged, especially during an attempted break-in. If your front door has been compromised, call on our emergency door repair specialists.

Revolving Doors

Looking for an energy-efficient door for high-traffic applications? Our revolving doors let only a minimal amount of your HVAC-treated air out as guests enter or exit, and are effective at keeping out other harsh weather elements as well.

Wooden Doors

We are experts at restoring the woodwork of your doors on an emergency basis. Whether it’s the frame or the door itself, you can count on Express Glaze to deliver fast and effective results.

Composite Doors

Repairing a composite door requires a specialised skill set, and all the more so during an emergency. Don’t trust anyone but the pros; call on Express Glaze to repair your composite doors fast.

Sliding Doors

Have you ever had a sliding patio door become stuck open or shattered completely? If this happens to you, don’t wait to call us for emergency sliding door repairs.

Door locks

A door is only as strong as its lock. Express Glaze offers specialised repair and installation services to ensure that your locks hold fast against would-be intruders.

uPVC Doors

Express Glaze is uniquely equipped to handle all manners of door repairs, including emergency service for uPVC doors. While these boast impressive durability, you should not hesitate to call when their integrity becomes compromised.

Door & Frame Repairs

Your doors and their frames perform the vital task of keeping you and your family safe vs bad weather and intruders alike. Express Glaze is committed to keeping both in good shape with a full complement of door and frame repair services available.

Security Grills

These are a high-security option to protect your windows and doors from impact that still offer a favourable aesthetic cue to the façade of your building. If they become damaged from ram raiding or other means, you should call for emergency repairs immediately before it invites more emboldened attempts at entry.

Door Closers

When a door closer malfunctions, it can prevent you from using that door at all. If this door is in a high-usage application, we urge you to call us for emergency door repair services promptly.

Roller Shutters

While your roller shutters are rated for durability, when they become damaged they can leave you exposed to harsh weather and forceful entry. In such cases, give Express Glaze a call immediately for prompt emergency repair services.

Double-glazed Doors

In the cold winter months, double-glazed windows and doors perform the vital task of keeping your warm air in and the frosty wind out. When they become damaged, you’ll need to call your trusted local glaziers for emergency service.

Commercial Door Replacement

Commercial doors are rated for durability and longevity, but even they may sometimes require replacement after some time. We offer a full range of industry-leading products that will enhance the security and function of your property.