How to install double glazing?

It makes sense for some homeowners to want to install double glazing on their own. After all, the idea of labour costs on top of the actual fittings can make some people want to DIY windows & doors in an attempt that saves as much of their budget as possible.

DIY Double Glazing installation taking place

Is this always worth it, though? It always pays to do your research and weigh up your options before you invest your time and money into buying double-glazed windows from scratch to install DIY Double Glazing.

There may be more to it than you initially suspected, and you may have to request help to bail you out in the end.

The process

If you are thinking of trying to install double glazing yourself, you will need to consider the actual process of putting them in. So how does it work?

  • The actual windows: double-glazed windows do not come sold as a full unit. While casement windows might be relatively compact and self-contained, many of them come as follows: the frames, the glass within them and the sill. It might be quite intimidating to have to assemble these accurately before you install them.
  • Your old windows: you will need to safely remove your old windows from your home. In order to make your life easier further down the line, you will need to make relatively little mess. Causing damage will only make the installation process much more difficult. Do try and clear up around your house as you work throughout this project, as it will make your working space less hazardous.
  • Fitting the window: this will involve assembling the window and aligning it correctly. Vents will need to sit at the top of the frame, and then you will need to align the window in its frame using spacers. This will require a step by step guide, as you will need to ensure that it fits perfectly snug.

The reality of DIY Double Glazing

It’s perfectly understandable to want to install double glazed windows yourself, especially if you have a certain amount of building and DIY Double Glazing experience.

However, any amateur mistakes will seriously affect the efficiency of the double glazing. For example, if you fail to seal off the windows effectively, you will be negating the benefits of the double glazing entirely.

There are also safety considerations to make: contractors will always be up to scratch with safe building site practice. You, on the other hand, may not be, which could expose yourself to danger.

You are far better, instead, contacting a contractor who can source your windows and fit them for you.

Choosing a company with whom you can pick out the windows you want and arrange a date for them to be fitted may incur labour costs, but you can rely on the knowledge that the job will be finished more quickly and to a higher professional standard.

If its prices you’re worried about, contact a double glazing fitting company to get a quote. This will help you to set your budget.

Remember that, if you were to do this yourself, you would have to purchase all of the materials from scratch, which may not necessarily be any cheaper. You will then also have to tidy the building site you have created yourself – so ultimately, this venture may not be worth your time.

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