How to adjust UPVC windows

If you have had a set of UPVC windows installed for quite some time, and are concerned that they have warped or are not fitting correctly, then you may be considering adjusting them.

If you have a bit of DIY knowledge, you may feel confident enough to adjust and fix the problem yourself. However, this might be a little more tricky than you expected.

If you are considering adjusting your UPVC windows yourself, then here is the information you will need.

What are UPVC windows?

UPVC stands for ‘unplasticised polyvinyl chloride.’ This material is incredibly durable and easy to use, which is why it is often preferred over older materials such as wood.

You will often see it in new double-glazed windows in more modern buildings.

This material has also replaced a lot of other common building materials, such as metal, as it is ideal for water-resistance and longevity.

Can I adjust UPVC windows?

Window adjustments

You will need to asses the problem first if you are planning on adjusting your UPVC windows. If the window has warped or is malfunctioning for various reasons (such as jamming), then it may require some adjusting.

If your window is sticking when it shuts, then you will need to adjust the height.

This can be done quite simply by loosening the screws at the side of the window and readjusting the sashes into the frame before tightening them back up again. You may need some support if you are not confident in doing this.

It’s also worth considering that your hinges may be reaching the end of their life if the problem lies with sashes not closing properly.

Rather than spending hours how to adjust your window and re-fit your hinges with new screws, it might be easier to contact a double-glazing company to re-adjust or fit your window with new hinges.

If it’s something small, you may only need a screwdriver. For example, if the handle on your window has come loose and needs adjusting, you will need to remove the screw cap and tighten it up with the appropriate screwdriver.

Is adjusting UPVC windows recommended?

As with all DIY tasks, a certain amount of risk is involved. For example, if you were to unscrew a hinge, only to find you couldn’t put it back, you would expose your home to a certain amount of vulnerability.

For example, some adjustment tasks may require you to remove the casing, or some online guides may ask you to do so.

This is a dicey move if you’ve never had to do it before, and might worry that you have done it incorrectly.

The bottom line is this: if you are worried about messing up your efforts, then call in an expert. There are some UPVC window adjustment tasks that are incredibly easy.

For example, if you just need to take a screw cap off to re-tighten a handle, then this shouldn’t be too troublesome.

But something larger in scale, such as a warped frame, or a buckled hinge, may require some expert guidance.

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