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With a 24 hour call out service, you can be sure that if you require commercial boarding Express Glaze are available to help. Our agents are all equipped with the tools to perform shop front boarding at short notice.

Commercial Boarding Services

Each business owner must learn to accept a certain amount of risk with their professional ventures. That risk, however, can be mitigated somewhat by implementing a variety of preventative security measures on your premises. Of course, sometimes nothing can stop disaster from striking, so we’ll help you board up and protect your vulnerable assets until the damage can be repaired. Express Glaze is a recognised leader in business security across the UK, and we’ll put our experience to good use guarding your property!

Boarded House

Ram Raid Protection

Ram raiding is a particularly dangerous method of entry which involves smashing a vehicle into your shop front. The damage and loss can be considerable, which is why it’s important to prepare your shop with our range of ram raid solutions while it is undergoing repair or renovation.

Smash & Grab

A smash and grab robbery can be accomplished through various means, and at Express Glaze, we offer comprehensive counters to these threats.


When your building is closed for renovation, repair or any other reason, its vacancy may prove tempting to squatters, who can be very difficult to remove once they’ve gained entry. We offer anti-squatter security solutions that can be tailored to the specifications of your property for maximum effectiveness.

Fire Damage

Very few hazards can wreak so much havoc to your shop as a fire. The damage suffered by your shop front may leave it vulnerable to further vandalism and theft, which is why it’s crucial to call on Express Glaze to secure your premises following a fire.

Storm Damage

Mother Nature has the power to do considerable damage to even the most stalwart of buildings. When your business has been compromised by the destructive effects of wind, rain, snow or anything else, you can count on us to secure your premises while you affect repairs and restorations.

Security Guards

There may come a time that you need immediate protection against theft and vandalism while your shop front is vulnerable following damage or renovation processes. We will help you set up a security detail to guard your assets against loss. Such as commercial boarding.

Steel Security Screens

Mesh steel security screens are a cost-effective form of 24/7 protection for your doors and windows. They are rated for superior impact resistance, and prove an effective deterrent for would-be thieves and vandals.

Temporary Doors

When your property is undergoing renovation, extension or any other form of construction, you may find yourself in need of temporary doors. These allow you peace of mind over the security of your premises during off-hours until your project reaches a point where more permanent portals may be installed.

Concrete Barriers

If your business is positioned to face high risk of impact from rogue vehicles, the danger can be mitigated with installation of concrete barriers. These form a stalwart perimeter around vulnerable areas of your building that can absorb the force of a car during a ram raid and ultimately prevent entry.

Timber Boarding Up

When your building has been afflicted by damage from squatters, vandals, inclement weather or any other disaster, you’ll need temporary measures to secure its interior until permanent repairs can be affected. We offer fast, effective shop front boarding services for businesses in need.

Property Repairs

Whether you choose our team of contractors or your own to affect repairs to your property following a damaging event, we’ll aid you in the logistics of the process. We can take a direct hand in the restoration of your shop front, or we can install security measures that allow your own team to work unhindered while keeping vandals and thieves out on the off-hours of construction.


Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, there may come a time when you require boarding services to protect your building. You can count on Express Glaze to handle the process with confidence and skill, and to deliver much-needed peace of mind.

Key Holders

During an extensive repair, new build, restoration or renovation, you may prefer to limit who has access to your premises. Express Glaze can make this task easier by equipping designated personnel with appropriate keyed access to your construction site.

Security Alarms

Even with bolstered defences, your shop front may still fall victim to unauthorised entry by thieves or vandals. In such times, your alarm system acts as a final line of defence by sounding a deterring alarm and alerting authorities in real time.

CCTV Systems

Very few things will discourage would-be burglars as much as the knowledge that they’re being watched. Let us equip your premises with a comprehensive CCTV security camera system to keep a visual record of any break ins and to prevent them altogether.

Temporary Lockable Access

During construction or renovation, certain parts of your business may be rendered vulnerable to unauthorised access. We offer temporary lockable access solutions that can be tailored directly to your specific needs.


Are you in need of rekeying, master keying, emergency entry or any other locksmith services? Express Glaze has got you covered with our range dependable security solutions!


Whether you’ve got a new build in mind or need to restore your damaged property, you’ll need a team of reliable builders to help bring your vision to life. Call on Express Glaze to hire one of the UK’s most experienced teams of contractors!


Let’s face it: even the most intrepid DIYer may not have all the skills they need to affect the repairs or renovations their property needs. We offer comprehensive carpentry services to help mend or redesign your door frames, window frames and so much more.


While most modern glazing is engineered to be exceptionally durable and long lasting, you may nevertheless find yourself in need of a replacement as time goes by. Re-glazing will restore the thermal efficiency and leak resistance of your glass windows and doors.

Door repairs

Your doors are an important part of your shop’s anatomy; they keep weather and intruders out while welcoming guests and customers in. When they’ve fallen into disrepair, you can count on Express Glaze to provide the door repair services you require.

Burglary Repairs

Burglars may stop at nothing to gain entry to your property, and thusly have no reservations about causing extensive damage to accomplish their goals. We will help you repair that damage and even reinforce your building so that it is stronger against unwanted entry in the future. Like commercial boarding of windows and doors.

Glass Repairs

There are many things that can damage your glass windows, doors and furnishings, and at Express Glaze we’ve tackled them all! Call us for affordable and effective commercial glass repair services.

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